Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hammer Training

Have you ever gotten the hammer from the mystery box in black ops 2 and then thought:

"Yay! Now I can hold up somewhere and shoot the zombies as they come to me 1,2, or even 3 at a time!"

Then you have to reload, so you jump out of the window and get killed by a few random zombies who seem to have been waiting for you all along.

When you get the hammer, be sure to pack a punch it once, but then go for it again until you get the hammer without any modifications seeming to be on it. If there are no scopes on the hammer and you're on pack a punch two or more, then you congratulations because you just got "grip."

This will enable you to keep the gun more steady which really makes the hammer about as good as the RPD. Hammer does less damage but you run slightly faster and it reloads faster. With this grip it's definitely on par with the RPD's accuracy.

Now train properly as I show you in the video! Oh and check out the sweet move I pull at 1:30 into the video. It reminded me of playing tag in the school yard haha.

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